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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Marie Curie Cancer Care Charity Auction!

Just a quickie post today -

the auction for Marie Curie is being held online tomorrow - as well as my Marie Bunny there are many lovely items up for auction, some handmade by Folksy sellers and some donated by celebrities!

A lovely lady called Angie Heaney has organised the auction - you can read her story HERE

And if you click HERE - you will go straight to the auction (not live till tomorrow!)

So please visit the auction tomorrow and bid if you can - this is a charity close to my heart and I'm hoping lots of money will be raised :)


dawn on Wednesday, 21 April, 2010 said...

Oh I am so disappointed, think I my blogspot is being a bit erratic, missed two of your posts, and missed the auction! Great bunnies though, gorgeous!

Redspect on Tuesday, 14 August, 2012 said...

"If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"! mawaddainternationalaid

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