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Somewhere along the banks of the River Thames lives a small group of Mice and Bunnies...they are brightly coloured and believe in food, tea parties and hot summer days. They are the Briesberry Mice and Carrotby Bunnies and wish to welcome you to their colourful world...

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Vincent goes to the U.S.A!!

This week the other mice have been very jealous as Vincent was bought by a lady from the U.S! He happily scampered into his parcel with his cheese and is now slightly nervous about the journey across the ocean. The other mice have been asking lots of questions about what the U.S.A is like. I couldn't really answer them properly as I've only ever been to New York, which was amazing! I told them I went in Febuary and it was so cold it snowed and we made snow angels in Central Park. I remember falling in love with Kandinsky too when I saw his work in the Guggenheim. I just wanted to touch all the paintings, they are so hypnotic (of course I wouldn't though) but I did recieve some funny looks from security!

Wassily Kandinsky, Yellow, Red and Blue

Apparently Kandinsky had synestesia, a condiction where you percieve sound / numbers / letters as colour. His paintings combine colour, sound, touch and smell. In the Guggenheim there were some beautiful ones where he has made paintings from coloured sand. There is nothing like seeing art in real life, it is a completely different experience to seeing it in a book or on the screen.

So anyway, Vincent is off, ...and we had a new arrival ... Wol Sock Bunny from Wiget & Friends on
Folksy! I was very excited when I opened the mail the other morning and recieved him.

I love this little bunny with Owls on his belly! He has been making friends with all the bunnies here and eating all the carrots from the fridge! Please visit get your very own bunny too!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

I've Been Featured!! Again!!

I've been selected as a featured seller on the cambridge handmade blog!

This is because in December I'm going to do the Cambridge handmade Craft fair, which will be held at Cambridge Guildhall on the 5th Dec between 11am -5pm.

Actually this will be my first craft fair and I'm terrified! Hmm ,hopefully I'll have enough stock to display, I've been sewing mice and rabbits like crazy and hoping to make up xmas cards and things (embroideries probably!) too. If you would like to read a little more about me and the other sellers please follow this link

Roger the pirate mouse has his picture on the handmade Cambridge blog and is being very smug about it. Captain Jack is not very impressed because he says as he is the Captain he should have been pictured. Sorry Jack, okay I'll put you up here....

He is a bit happier now! Find both of them on Folksy here

I thought you might like to see Amber and Ash, two little mice that are being very naughty and distracting me from making by playing about on the sewing machine (They are being quite cute about it so I can't be too angry) In the background you can see the general chaos of my workspace : )

Sunday, 4 October 2009

I've Been Featured!!

Hello! I was so excited the other day to find I had won a feature spot and advertising space on Haptree's Blog! Which you can view here - .

This is very exciting, each month Haptree will feature a different artist / craftsperson on her blog...all you have to do is leave a comment after the featured article and you will be in with a chance of winning next months ad space.

So, with all this excitment I thought it was about time I turned this in to a proper blog, (where I actually write about stuff) as apose to a blog where I randomly post pictures of my work then ring my friends and say...'oh have you seen this on my blog...what do you think?'

I think my main reason for using the blog in this way in the past is because I'm absolutely rubish with technology and I'm not very good at spelling so it was just too complicated to write stuff (and I was too lazy :)

So hopefully I can post lots of lovely stuff that inspires me and it may inspire you too! So thank you to Haptree! Check out her Folksy store here - .I've got my eye on these gorgous bead kit purses, my little sister would love this as a christmas present ... (who am I kidding, so
would I! )

Thursday, 1 October 2009

I Love This...

Last night while panic sewing mice for xmas I discovered this artist and I absolutely love it I had to share

see more of her work at