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Somewhere along the banks of the River Thames lives a small group of Mice and Bunnies...they are brightly coloured and believe in food, tea parties and hot summer days. They are the Briesberry Mice and Carrotby Bunnies and wish to welcome you to their colourful world...

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Vincent goes to the U.S.A!!

This week the other mice have been very jealous as Vincent was bought by a lady from the U.S! He happily scampered into his parcel with his cheese and is now slightly nervous about the journey across the ocean. The other mice have been asking lots of questions about what the U.S.A is like. I couldn't really answer them properly as I've only ever been to New York, which was amazing! I told them I went in Febuary and it was so cold it snowed and we made snow angels in Central Park. I remember falling in love with Kandinsky too when I saw his work in the Guggenheim. I just wanted to touch all the paintings, they are so hypnotic (of course I wouldn't though) but I did recieve some funny looks from security!

Wassily Kandinsky, Yellow, Red and Blue

Apparently Kandinsky had synestesia, a condiction where you percieve sound / numbers / letters as colour. His paintings combine colour, sound, touch and smell. In the Guggenheim there were some beautiful ones where he has made paintings from coloured sand. There is nothing like seeing art in real life, it is a completely different experience to seeing it in a book or on the screen.

So anyway, Vincent is off, ...and we had a new arrival ... Wol Sock Bunny from Wiget & Friends on
Folksy! I was very excited when I opened the mail the other morning and recieved him.

I love this little bunny with Owls on his belly! He has been making friends with all the bunnies here and eating all the carrots from the fridge! Please visit get your very own bunny too!


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