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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Shhh…Can you keep a secret?

I have a confession.

I have suspected for some time now that I have an addiction.

Well, several.

I also suspect these things are not quite normal to become addicted to but here I am…

This is the first…


This is the tea wall.

Hmm. The tea wall is becoming a slight safety hazard, it needs one of those bright yellow warning stickers. You see the tea wall usually lives in the cupboard (it only came out today for the photo shoot) and tends to fall on all those who dare to open the cupboard. The only way to get round this is to go for the

a) grab and run approach ( quickly open cupboard and select random box while closing cupboard as quickly as possible) or

b) don’t open the cupboard at all - buy new tea when necessary.

Neither of these options are really a solution. The problem is I’ve never met a type of tea I didn’t like. My absolute favourites are Yumchaa and Yogi. Yogi tea even send me emails but unfortunately only send free tea samples to people living in America. (PS. Since taking this photo I have bought more tea -help!)

2. Fabric

This tiny (almost) organised corner of my fabric collection is a ruse to hide the larger, messy, disorganised collection of fabric in boxes, in drawers and underneath the bed. I pretend to be buying fabric for crafting purposes when I just really love a pattern or design. I love fabric a little too much, I feel.

3.Vinyl Records

I know I can buy any single I want on amazon or I-tunes for about 70p. I know that these are bulky, unreliable, outdated, have a tendency to skip and need turning over about every 20 minutes ( or less) yet I love them. I have far, far too many for someone with a small amount of space to call my own. I also love them for the artwork on the covers. I have a pile of these outside the bedroom door which I trip over and that one day are going to be listed on ebay...I can't bare to part with them, just yet!

Now I’ve confessed I feel I might be able to get down to the task of organising these things. Then again, maybe not…


Abi on Tuesday, 23 February, 2010 said...

great post, i have a few confessions/obsessions of my own! following you now x

averilpam on Wednesday, 24 February, 2010 said...

who doesn't have a few addictions? I'm with you on fabric, and as I have a very small house am having to really try to control myself!

Cinnamon Jewellery on Wednesday, 24 February, 2010 said...

Funny! I love tea but tend to stick to PG Tips. My obsession is beads although strangely I've been able to control myself recently.......must do something about that :D
Tracy x

Clare'sCreations on Wednesday, 24 February, 2010 said...

hehe, great post, I never heard of anyone with a tea collection, Clare x

ColeAndJosephine on Wednesday, 24 February, 2010 said...

Lol I am fortunate to be addicted to only one variety of tea (mint green tea), and I don't have a turntable, so as much as I would love to collect vinyl just for the covers there's no way I can justify it to myself, even with my fancy way with words. :)

But for some reason I still collect fabric. I never sew. I just don't have time since I have decided to focus on painting. It's certainly an addiction!

Did you change your banner? I like it.

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