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Monday, 16 August 2010

Love, Love, Love!

This weekend I went to my cousins wedding. It was absolutely fantastic - my cousin and his wife have known each other since childhood! I created some wedding mice for them - the groom is a bit of a surfer dude so the little groom mouse has a little Hawaiian print waistcoat.

I thought you might also like to see the cake - it was made by the bride's aunt so it was a complete surprise to both of them - look at the little icing hearts all over it! Such a shame to cut it up really!

Anyway this got me thinking about the nature of love. I know everyone talks about love as something that you find - but I guess its the other way round - when your ready and open to it, love finds you. And we need love in our lives - as much as its good to be alone, its the best to know that you are loved and there are people that you can turn to when the going gets tough.

As I like giving you things to watch too, here are two of my favourite love songs. The videos are very amazing too - so sweet and inspiring. This one I love for all the little glances the people involved give eachother -

And this one would not let me embed it but go and watch it on youtube if you fancy - you need to watch until the ending!

I think love is like that - like a release, if you hold yourself back, you can't fall in love - you can't hear the music or see the colour. Love never dies - even if that person we love is no longer around, we still keep on loving them - its such a strong emotion. The world would lack colour without love.

'Supose I keep on singing love songs - Just to break my own fall'


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