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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Festival Fun & Folics!

A week ago I left the Bunnies and Mice in charge of Nat's Nest - knowing that generally they are a very responsible bunch - and went off to Latitude Festival .

Its a music festival a little like Glastonbury - only a bit posher - and is near my original hometown in Sunny Suffolk. Along with all the fun and folics and blurry photos of Florence and the Machine, I actually managed to take some rather arty pictures too, which I thought would be good to share.

Sign Post Tree

Fashion by Central Saint Martins Graduates - this was actually really amazing - on a runway over the river!

Peace Tree

Brolly Tree

A rather spooky lamp in the middle of the woods....feeling a bit like Alice down the rabbit hole...

An NSDF production of Wind in the Willows - Toad at the top, he was fantastic.

The moon - reminds me of the Mighty Boosh!

And men with guitars -these were rather a lot of these!

Hmm...I did find some little festival mice at Latitude too - the rest of the nest are rather wary of their bohemian ways, but I'm sure they will fit right in.

Hope you enjoyed them!

After retuning from the festival, I was exhausted, but finally have recoved now after almost a week and am feeling ready for some creativity again :)


niftyknits on Friday, 23 July, 2010 said...

wow - looks fun, but a bit scary!

Daisy Tempest on Tuesday, 31 August, 2010 said...

I absolutely adore these photos Nat!! Thanks for posting them, what a fantastic reminder of a truly lovely weekend!!
Daisy xx

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