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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Weddings and Favours!

Hello everyone! Now my cousin's wedding is offically over, I can show you what I have been doing with myself for the last month!
A few months back my cousin emailed me to ask if I knew where to get individual tea-bag holders. Rather unwisely, I said I had no idea but sewing up a batch would be easy. My cousin was rather excited at this, she had only seen some cheapish looking plastic ones from America. See the rather sweet idea was to have teabags and china cups as Wedding favours. Anyway a month and 80 individually sewn bags later - here are the results. 

Make a little more sense now? My cousin chose the message -
 'Lizzy & Tom'
'Love is Brewing'
6th May 202
So that part was handstitched in a variety of colours, the bag was made up on the machine, and a drawstring ribbon and handpainted heart tag was added. Phew! They looked gorgeous on the day and all the guests got a china cup and bag gift!

Just to wet yor appetite, here are some more wedding pics

The room had beautiful drapes and fairy lights, and the flower table decorations...And my favourite part...
the desert trio!

I won't post a pic of the bride and groom in case they get embarrased! But both looked stunning and it was an absolutely fabulous day :)


dawn on Wednesday, 23 May, 2012 said...

Yikes! Hand stitching the message! That must have taken ages! Well done, they look wonderful! Glad you had a great day! :)

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