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Saturday, 18 September 2010

We Love...Tempest Apparel!

Hello Everyone! I'd love to introduce my new favourite fashion label today to you all ...

Maybe you know and maybe you don't - previously I studied a fashion design degree in Winchester, and while I was there I lived with Daisy, who is just this amazingly talented, creative girly. She has set up her own design label 'Tempest Apparel' which features her absolutely fab print designs - they are both vintagy but modern looking and oh so, so unique and individual.

In her own words.......
''The signature of the company is to liven up the plain white tee; like a blank canvas cries out to be painted, a white tee craves to be embellished, decorated and printed on''

My favs are the 'Bowie-Tee' (Here in the nest we are secret David Bowie fans - and we like vinyl, not CDs, teehee)

And this lovely 'Alice in Wonderland' Tee

Gorgeous, aren't they? And by buying from Tempest Apparel not only will you have a very unique T-Shirt, but you are supporting British and Handmade! Yay! (Whats not to like about that?)

For you Londonites you can catch Daisy on Sundays at the Sunday Upmarket (The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane)...or if you live out in the country, like me, you can pop over to her website to browse.

I recommend you pop over to Daisy's website anyway actually - she has the most fantastic, inspiring blog full of wonderful images and she really deserves some more followers .

Heehee...heres something Daisy might not thank me for, here we both are grooving at the Lattitude Festival but we do both have Tempest Apparel T-shirts on so I think its justified! Just look at that blue sky - where has summer gone hey?

Ooo, and I've been working on some more embroideries (its lions and foxes at the moment!) ...stay tuned for a peek next time :)


strangelord on Sunday, 19 September, 2010 said...

Fab prints. Such a cute model as well. I like :-)

Daisy Tempest on Wednesday, 06 October, 2010 said...

Thanks for the hype nat!! I am currently making some faux fur stoles, you might like :). Follow me on twitter or facebook for updates. xx!/group.php?gid=141753709168383

Carolyn on Friday, 03 June, 2011 said...

Such a cute model!!!

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